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For a complete list of publications please visit my Google Scholar profile.

Selected projects


Klimovskaia Susmelj A*, Lafci B*, Ozdemir F, Davoudi N, Dean-Ben L, Perez-Cruz F, Razansky D

Signal Domain Learning Approach for Optoacoustic Image Reconstruction from Limited View Data

MIDL, 2022 (Oral presentation).



Lotfollahi M*, Klimovskaia A* De Donno C, Ji Y, Ibarra I L, Wolf A, Yakubova N, Theis F, Lopez-Paz D

Compositional perturbation autoencoder for single-cell response modeling

Preprint under review.


Poincaré maps.

Klimovskaia A, Lopez-Paz D, Bottou L, Nickel M

Poincaré Maps for Analyzing Complex Hierarchies in Single-Cell Data 

Nature Communications, 2020